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Reviews: Red Devils storm Texas 1992-93

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Read past the played out “white guys can’t play the blues” leads on these two reviews from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from 1992 and ’93. Writer Dave Ferman actually catches the Devils correct when he notes that “what puts the Devils head and shoulders above so many other bands is their intensity, their ability to lock into a groove that sounds like their birthright and build a song to an ecstatic finish.”

Ferman also mentions two song titles we’ve never heard: “I’m Gonna Throw a Party” and “Can’t Get You Off My Mind.” What tunes could these be?

Red Devils give the blues a fresh sound
By Dave Ferman, Star-Telegram Writer
Sept. 19, 1992
DALLAS — White blues bands usually try to do one of two things.

They either try to emulate their idols note-for-note, or descend into overamped blues/rock overkill and spend far too much time showing how fast they can crank out the licks popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy and the like.

It’s tough to be both fairly authentic and dose the old warhorses with a healthy shot of rock raunch, but the Los Angeles-based Red Devils is one band that can. The band’s set at Trees Thursday night — and well into Friday morning — proved that, in the right hands, the same old blues licks, lyrics and rhythms can sound brash, fresh and right as rain.

The show was the band’s first Metroplex performance since releasing its debut, “King King” on Def American. The Devils also recorded this past summer with Mick Jagger and spent most of the previous months opening for artists as diverse as Bob Dylan and the Allman Brothers.

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Mannish Boys go “Way Down South” on new CD

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Get a rotating cast of blues legends and superior players, a lineup of classic-but-not-beat-to-death tunes, mix in some excellent production and a loose vibe, and you get The Mannish Boys, one of the coolest concepts in modern blues.

The Boys (with a foundation of Finis Tasby and Bobby Jones on vocals, Randy Chortkoff on harmonica, guitarists Kirk “Eli” Fletcher and Frank Goldwasser, Willie J. Campbell on bass and drummer Jimi Bott) are back with a new(ish) album on Delta Groove, “Shake For Me.” The disc celebrates the collective’s fifth anniversary, and several special guests abound to join the party, including Rod Piazza, Kid Ramos, Nick Curran, Johnny Dyer, Rob Rio and more.

Debuting with the Mannish Boys on the album closer is longtime Lester Butler Tribute Band frontman “Big Pete” van der Pluijm, who covers 13’s “Way Down South” (with original 13 member Andy Kaulkin playing the keys on the tune yet again).

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Blue Shadows 1990 dates added to timeline

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We’ve tried to verify all the material you see on with links back to source material. In this case, we think the source might have it wrong.
In the King King club Web site’s history section, they have several old fliers and handbills with dates. A calendar labeled “July 1990” lists several Blue Shadows Monday night gigs for the month.

However, the dates actually correspond with June 1990, rather than July.

It’s likely the bar just got the months screwed up, so we’re going to add these dates to the timeline as June until further verification.

Fourth of July fireworks: The original Blasters live

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While many in the crowd were talking about the return of the Fightin’ Alvins, the real on-stage fireworks this Fourth of July weekend came courtesy of the past and present of Blasters guitar players.

The Blasters were one of the featured acts this past weekend at the 30th American Music Festival at FitzGerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois. The current lineup (frontman Phil Alvin, guitarist Keith Wyatt, bassist John Bazz and Bill Bateman on drums) was augmented by founding guitarist and songwriter Dave Alvin, in a rare return to the fold.
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