Another fan weighs in on Moulin 1998 DVD


More than a year after its release — and more than 11 since the gig — the Lester Butler DVD, “Live at Moulin Blues Ospel 1998 — Lester’s Legendary Last Gig,” is still being discovered by fans.

A review posted today by “Slidin’ Slim” from Sweden underlines some of what we’ve been saying about this DVD:

To watch Lester’s very last performance (he died from a drug overdose one week after the gig) at the Moulin Blues Ospel in The Netherlands 1998 together with some very rare rehearsal footage and a few songs from 1993 with The Red Devils was both joyful and extremely sad.

Again, you can pick up a copy of the DVD from

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Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

3 thoughts on “Another fan weighs in on Moulin 1998 DVD

  1. Thanks guys for creating this page! It’s so hard to find anything about the Red Devils/Lester Butler, and I wouldn’t have found Moulin Blues DVD without your help.
    Very grateful that you keep the memory and music of the Devils and Butler alive!


  2. Let me add the same to the input above….I wouldn´t have found out about the dvd if it weren´t for the Red Devils group on Facebook and this site.
    As a harpplayer and a big huge fan of red Devils and later 13 I´m very happy to have the dvd in my collection.
    So far we´ve been playing 3 of Red Devils songs fr King King…Devil Woman, Automatic and I´m Ready…do I need to say they kick ass 🙂


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