13 rehearsal videos 1998

Thanks to drummer Eddie Clark, much of 13’s history has been preserved on video, including excellent rehearsal videos of Lester Butler and 13 from 1998..

You should recognize these videos as the source of the “Business in the Street” clips from the 13 Moulin Blues DVD, recorded at YO! Studios, Van Nuyes, California, in March 1998.

The guitarist is Chris Masterson; in an e-mail, Clark tells nofightin.com that “Chris replaced Alex Schultz and Enrico Crivellaro and did most of the gigs in the Los Angeles area and short road trips outside of L.A. Alex Schultz was the ‘ringer’ for festivals and such, as promoters asked if Alex was in the band for those events. Hence his appearance on MBO 1998.”

Clark — who says he does not remember the bassist on this session — says he was the man who insisted on rehearsals, including three in 1998, “mostly going over old material and creating Lester’s new material. We had to make up our own parts for those new songs and try to make it fit.”

“Shake ‘Em on Down”:


“Business in the Street”:

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2 thoughts on “13 rehearsal videos 1998

  1. Lester loved that Blue Cafe T-Shirt! On the front it says “Got Music?”
    And the back continues with the lyrics from The Blasters “American Music”
    “We got the Louisiana Boogie and the Delta Blues, we got country swing and rock a billy too…”
    Those were the days!
    Vince Jordan


    1. Hey Vince, yeah, that Blue Cafe T-shirt is the one I always picture him in. That one and the Mojo shirt from the 13 DVD. I like the Blasters stuff on the back — kinda wondered what was on there!

      I’ve only seen a couple of “Lester Butler & 13” T-shirts, and have never seen any Red Devils merch.


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