Red Devils at Mall of America 1993

The Red Devils’ travels as the house band for Planet Hollywood openings in the ’90s took them all over the world — including a giant mall in Bloomington, Minn. From the Dec. 11, 1993, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: It will be megastar time again when the seventh Planet Hollywood opens tomorrow night — in a megamallContinue reading “Red Devils at Mall of America 1993”

Block in memoriam: Lester Butler

The introduction page of the April/May/June 1998 issue of Dutch blues magazine Block read, “Daarbij kwam het schokkende nieuws rond het overlijden van Lester Butler, een week na diens spirituele optreden in Ospel.” (“It came the shocking news about the death of Lester Butler, a week after his spiritual appearance in Ospel.”) The magazine pagesContinue reading “Block in memoriam: Lester Butler”