“Boogie Disease” lyrics

“Boogie Disease” (Dr. Isaiah Ross), from “13 featuring Lester Butler” Got to boogie for the doctor Got to boogie for the nurse Got to keep on boogie’n ’til they throw me in a hearse Got to boogie Got to boogie ‘Til the break of dawn Got to boogie in the alley Gonna boogie in theContinue reading ““Boogie Disease” lyrics”

Lester Butler memorials 1998

Not long after Lester Butler died in May 1998, I received a package from Enrico Crivellaro, who was Butler’s touring guitarist in 13 in 1997. We had kept in touch after meeting in Kentucky and Indiana, and now he had sent along a memorial flier for Butler, along with a prayer card and short biographyContinue reading “Lester Butler memorials 1998”

Blue Shadows gigs 1989-90

We are catching up with several Blue Shadows dates for the timeline section. We start with several great clippings from the Eddie Clark collection, snapshots of the late-’80s/early-’90s California blues scene. Included are an ad for the first blues hall of fame festival and a postcard for blues night at Spice, both organized by RandyContinue reading “Blue Shadows gigs 1989-90”