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Mike Flanigin on tour 1992 with The Red Devils: “We were a gang … mowed everybody down”

December 4, 2016

In the spring of 2015, Mike Flanigin opened his Austin, Texas, home and opened up about his time in The Red Devils. Flanigin became the band’s second guitarist during its critical club tour through the U.S. In 1992, replacing Dave Lee Bartel. But his connection to the band started before he was drafted one night […]

Red Devils climb ‘Mountain Stage’ 1992

October 18, 2015

At the height of their powers, The Red Devils were heard live on the popular “Mountain Stage” radio program on Oct. 4, 1992, along with Leo Kottke, John Cale and Juliana Hatfield. Thanks to YouTuber Dominik Ablamowicz, the oft-bootlegged radio program is a little more available. Ablamowicz uploaded two songs, “Have a Good Time” and […]

“King King” 24/7

May 28, 2015

Since 1992, I have kept a copy of “King King” somewhere near me at all times. For a long while, I had several burned CDs of “King King” that were left in various cars and desks in my life. If I bought a spare copy of the record, I might buy two, to give it away […]

Return of the funky Texans

May 8, 2015

Johnny Moeller: Guitar (mainly R. channel) Paul Size: Guitar (mainly L. channel) After he decamped from The Red Devils after a three-year stint, Paul Size found himself back in Texas making a small homeboy record. Far away from the edgy, Hollywood rock-star vibe, with Size as the gunslinger for hire, 1996’s “Return of the Funky […]

Red Devils at Red Rocks, 93/94

April 6, 2014

The Red Devils performed two times at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the famous Colorado open-air venue built into a rock formation. Most famous (for guys my age, at least) for an iconic performance by U2 for 1983’s “Under a Blood Red Sky,” Red Rocks hosts concerts regularly. From the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News in Denver: “The […]

Paul Size sells guitar licks

March 11, 2014

Paul Size is selling cool little blues licks via video from “I decided to start selling very cool and special licks that I think anyone interested in my style will dig,” Paul told us. “All licks include tablature at the end.” It’s easy to get into a rut with a shuffle, but Size comes […]

Lyrics: “She’s Dangerous” at Pink Pop 1993

February 8, 2014

Here’s a different take on the story “’bout a girl I know and my best friend.” The live version of “She’s Dangerous” is an insistent rocker, much more aggressive than the stop-time swagger of the definitive “King King” version. In concert, Lester Butler plays with the lyrics, an ever-shifting narrative of who is catching who […]

‘King King’: There’s only one

January 2, 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about “King King” the last few weeks, what makes it special in a way other albums — of any genre — rarely are. The success of The Red Devils and the “King King” album come down to three things, very simple but so elusive. It’s those five guys (plus one on […]

Dave Alvin remembers Butler and Red Devils

December 6, 2013

Dave Alvin posted his thoughts to Facebook Dec. 4: Got to thinking today about the late, talented Lester Butler and the short lived but tough little blues outfit, The Red Devils, so I found a good clip of the guys playing some European festival over a decade ago. Yeah, that’s Blaster Bill Bateman on drums […]

Burnside/Butler remix: “It’s Bad You Know”

October 13, 2013

Found on YouTube: A new remix of “It’s Bad You Know” from R.L. Burnside’s “Come On In” record. Lester Butler played the harp lick, which became famous in promos for “The Sopranos.” The video was posted June 3, 2013, by Russ Stevens, with the description: “THIS IS AN EXTENDED VERSION, BY MARE AND SOLARIS, GIPSY […]