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Lester Butler & G. Love on VPRO’s “Lola Da Musica” 1998

August 15, 2010

Certainly one of Lester Butler’s last televised appearances was made on the March 6, 1998, edition of VPRO’s “Lola Da Musica” program in The Netherlands. Just two months later, Butler would die in L.A. The program — featuring Butler co-billed with folk-hop jammer G. Love — has been widely distributed by fans of both for […]

13 rehearsal videos 1998

June 11, 2009

Thanks to drummer Eddie Clark, much of 13’s history has been preserved on video, including excellent rehearsal videos of Lester Butler and 13 from 1998.. You should recognize these videos as the source of the “Business in the Street” clips from the 13 Moulin Blues DVD, recorded at YO! Studios, Van Nuyes, California, in March […]

DVD review: Lester Butler at his best

April 7, 2009

It’s very easy in hindsight to project added significance to the DVD “Live at Moulin Blues Ospel 1998 — Lester’s Legendary Last Gig.” Every song choice, every note, every glance can take on a different meaning knowing that Butler would be dead just a week later. The reality is he probably considered it just another […]

DVD: Live at Moulin 1998 — Lester’s Legendary Last Gig

February 19, 2009

It’s rare for any “new” Lester Butler or Red Devils material to be released now, more than 10 years since Butler’s passing. Which is why the 2008 DVD “Live at Moulin Blues Ospel 1998 — Lester’s Legendary Last Gig” is such a special document. Recorded at Butler’s last gig, just a week before his untimely […]


February 12, 2009

This timeline is meant to be as complete as possible, and will be based on the comings and goings of The Red Devils and Lester Butler and 13. Each item will link back to a source document or Web site, when possible. Others have been verified by or include information commonly found in web […]

Lester Butler Bolwerk Videos

January 21, 2009

Nothing will ever make up for the fact that the one time the Devils played in my town I didn’t blow off my English paper and go see them instead. It’s small consolation that I did graduate with said degree. After all, it was a short paper. How much could my grade have suffered? This […]