Pics: 13’s day off at North Sea Feb. 1998

Our friend Eddie Clark provided these photos of 13 from what he said was the group’s second to last tour of the Netherlands and Belgium in February 1998. “We had left Sneek, NL and had to go way north to the Nordzee to get back to Amsterdam,” Clark wrote. “That is a massive dike we are on and the North Sea behind us.”

These photos have been posted on other sites for years, but these are all-new scans from the original hard copy pictures. It’s interesting to see what the band — Lester Butler, Alex Schultz, Mike Hightower and Clark — did on a day off.

Also note the tag on Butler’s jacket for Royal Tattoo. We’ll guess it’s this same shop in Denmark.

Published by J.J.

Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

One thought on “Pics: 13’s day off at North Sea Feb. 1998

  1. Thanks for the interesting photos, of a place I have not visited yet.

    May I send Eddie Clark my regards? I met him briefly at a William Clarke gig in North Wales, U.K. in the 1990s. He was very gracious and signed my CD insert as ‘The Pacemaker’ (William Clarke’s ‘Serious Intentions’ – Eddie plays on two tracks). He’s a superb drummer, as you all know.
    I’ll also send best wishes to my man Alex Schultz.

    Yours, still inspired by the music of Lester Butler and all of his fellow musicians.


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