‘King King’ released on 180 gram limited red vinyl

“King King” is getting the deluxe packaging treatment for its 20th anniversary after all, thanks to Dutch boutique label Music On Vinyl.

This marks the first time The Red Devils’ “King King” has been released on vinyl and, apparently, Music On Vinyl is giving the record the reissue treatment it deserves.

From musiconvinyl.com:

Their only full length album, ‘King King’ is seen as a true Blues classic and Music On Vinyl is honoured to release this album on vinyl for the very first time.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, we decided to do something special: the first 1,000 copies of this double gatefold sleeve album are on bright red vinyl!

• 180 grams audiophile vinyl
• Twentieth anniversary, original released in 1992
• First time on vinyl !
• Gatefold sleeve
• Includes an insert
• First 1000 numbered copies on red vinyl

The official release date is Feb. 20, but the album is apparently available in some independent record stores in Holland.

Over at The Red Devils Facebook group, Patrick Struijker Boudier has already received his copy, posting a picture of the sleeve and the LP (the label noting that the record was licensed from This Way Up). His review, on the Music On Vinyl Facebook page: “Awesome release! Clearly there has been put a lot of thought in this release! Love the job you’ve done guys!”

Music On Vinyl also posted a pic of the limited edition red vinyl at the pressing plant.

Unfortunately, it appears Music on Vinyl does not sell individual orders, but rather distributes to record stores only.

The album does appear to be available for order at www.kroese-online.nl.

And, of course, the album is seeing a reissue on CD as well — also as an import-only.

Here are some other notes on the vinyl version:

Catalog # : MOVLP509
Barcode : 0600753375877
Format : LP, 180 gram
Sleeve : Gatefold
Releasedate : 2012-02-20

A1 Automatic 03:26
A2 Goin’ To The Church 04:07
A3 She’s Dangerous 05:02

B1 I Wish You Would03:01
B2 Cross Your Heart 04:28
B3 Tail Dragger 05:24

C1 Devil Woman 06:57
C2 No Fightin’ 05:56
C3 Mr Highway Man 03:35

D1 I’m Ready 03:46
D2 Quarter To Twelve 07:03
D3 Cut That Out 04:59

Published by J.J.

Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

6 thoughts on “‘King King’ released on 180 gram limited red vinyl

  1. It’s a beautiful release! Bought mine two days ago in a Dutch Record Store here in Holland. Music Vinyl has put a lot of thought into the release. I’ll see if I can send some pics of it to NoFighting.


  2. How wonderful that such an exotic thing can be produced in these austere times.

    I would be tempted if A) I owned a turntable at present and B) I could play it in my car…

    I hope that anyone who does buy it enjoys it to the max!


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