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Red Devils make Indiana debut

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We’ve covered The Red Devils’ October 1992 gig in Bloomington, Ind., extensively on No Fightin’. But here is yet another advance, a really good interview with Lester Butler by the Indianapolis Star.

Red Devils make Indiana debut
By Marc D. Allan, Indianapolis Star
Oct. 12, 1992

“You really don’t write blues tunes,” says Lester Butler, singer and harmonica player for The Red Devils. “There’s grooves and there’s shuffles. The lyric is what you make up on your own. And I’m having no problem doing that at all.”

jakes_flier1You could say that.

The Los Angeles-based blues band, which makes its Indiana debut Tuesday night in Bloomington, has developed a loyal following at home by playing fiery original and cover tunes every Monday night in a tiny, always-packed club called the King King. (They recorded their first album, “King King,” live at the club.)

Playing with Jagger

The Red Devils have been invited to open for the Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Dixie Dregs and Los Lobos. They’re so hot (and so good) that Mick Jagger invited them to play on his forthcoming solo album.

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